NextLap is the open innovation program designed to give a new life to tyre components. It focuses on solutions for the End-of-Life Tyres (ELT) derived materials.

NextLap Impact


“UNO” is a sculpture made out of derivatives from pieces of old tyres. This piece of art was made by Filippo Fiumani and João Mendonça (Luzíadas) with the curatorship of Departamento (Bruno Pereira). It gives a new life to materials that no longer have their original purpose. With these, we have travelled, explored and gone further, we’ve met different places and discovered more of the world. They deserve recognition, a new life, and a new role. The role of making others reflect and celebrate life through a piece of art. “UNO” will honor Human Beings as a whole and how they are within themselves: this great round sphere called Planet Earth, where we all live as “UNO”.

“UNO” was designed during the open innovation program, NextLap. Used materials: Tyre granulate, used tyre, used air chambers, plastics, neon LEDs, steel, mdf boards.

Curatorship: Departamento
Artist: Filippo Fiumani
Engineering: João Mendonça (Luzíadas)

NextLap Impact: Solutions

The selected innovators have developed solutions along with the partners Decathlon, Genan, IP, Opway and Pragosa.


1. Shoe vamp made out of textile, resulting from tyre recycling.

2. Saddle cover from a solution made out of rubber granulate, resulting from tyre recycling.


Electric solution that reduces the speed of vehicles circulating within regions, covered by rubber made out of tyre recycling.


Unvulcanized rubber solution to build shoe soles.


Solution for acoustic barriers in trailways with rubber made out of tyre recycling.