The next life of tyre components

Welcome to the second edition of NextLap.
A 4-month Acceleration program for startups and innovators to turn their ideas into scalable businesses.

Tyres should not become waste.
Focusing on circular solutions, NextLap aims to find the next life of tyres and their components – rubber, steel, and textile.
Join the mission to accelerate tyre circularity.

Program fit

Who we are looking for

NextLap Accelerator is taking applications from entrepreneurial teams with bold product ideas as well as from startups with MVP and early customers. The purpose is to find innovative and scalable solutions that use rubber, textile, steel, or the whole tyre, designed to give these components a new life.

Here’s the deal: if you believe your solution can help reduce tyre waste, you should take the NextLap. Whether you have an idea or a mature solution ready to be applied, you’ll have partners ready to work with you.


What’s in it for you

You will have access to:

5.000 € prize

for the most promising idea, at the end of the Bootcamp

Pitch to Genan’s Global Innovation Committee

Selected projects will have the chance to pitch to the world’s largest tyre recycler (post-acceleration).

Industry & Commercial Partners

for mentoring and market validation

Technical experts

to steer product development

Training & Support

to fast track your business

Join the NextLap Accelerator

How it works


7 April – 5 June

Evaluation & Selection



29 & 30 June

Acceleration Phase

July – November

Demo Day

23 November

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Industry Partners

NextLap is looking for ideas and solutions for all industries.

These industry partners are already onboard and interested in integrating new circular solutions into their products.


Infraestruturas de Portugal




TMG Group


NextLap welcomes new partners to join the circular life of tyre components.

If you are interested in becoming an Industry Partner, let us know:


Main Partners

The program’s main partners have extensive knowledge on solutions integrating tyre materials cross-industries. They will be mentoring participants and providing technical guidance.

Learn more about NextLap Partners