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NextLap is the open innovation program designed to give a new life to tyre components.

For the course of 9 months, the selected participants will pilot innovative and ready-to-implement solutions focused on the end-of-life tyres and its derived components – rubber, steel, and textile.

Valorpneu and Genan are the program partners that will provide innovators with market insights and cooperate in solutions’ implementation.

applications closed

Covid-19 has stopped many plans, but innovation must not be one of them.
If needed, NextLap is prepared to run on a fully remote experience to safeguard the well-being of both participants and partners.

Why NextLap?

The pressure that economic activities currently exert on natural resources, as well as the environmental impacts associated with their use, have increasingly shown the need for improved progress: it is imperative to improve primary resource efficiency and to reduce material waste and waste generation.

A viable development model creates both environmental and economic benefits – by preserving the product’s value for as long as possible, we’re minimizing the production of waste and, when that is unavoidable, the goal is to return resources to the productive processes for value creation.

That is why the program partners Valorpneu and Genan, along with the partner for Innovation, Beta-i have created NextLap: a program that focuses on solutions for the End-of-Life Tyres (ELT) derived materials – rubber ELT granulates, rubber ELT powders, textile ELT fibres and steel. The solutions found will improve the sustainability of the industry by increasing the circularity of raw materials in an escalated way.

All applications are valid, whatever the area of ​​use or the type of product, and these raw materials can be processed as is or after previous transformation.
NextLap aims to mobilize the interest of different sectors that are already using or might use ELT tyre materials, and help to test real market solutions, with benefits for the environment and all markets.

What’s in it for you?

Pilot Partners

As an Industry Partner you have the chance to:

  • Access the best global innovation
  • Test solutions through third party resources
  • Build Innovation Culture and Circular Economy expertise
  • Generate Brand awareness


As a NextLap participant you can:

  • Grow by partnering with a well-established organisation
  • Access to resources and key people
  • Receive input, feedback and insights from key stakeholders from different industries
  • Go Global: enhance network and get visibility from several industries
  • Have the chance to be invested by corporates
  • Acquire technical advice and knowledge regarding the ELT industry and process
  • Be part of new solutions for a full circular process with global impact


The sky’s the limit for ready-to-implement solutions or innovative ideas that can be developed.

We are interested in solutions to improve the existing processes and/ or new ones using ELT derived components.

The solutions presented may use tyre components with or without cleaning improvement.

All solutions that find new ways of refurbishing or reusing the tyre: whole, shredded or components are eligible.

Rubber Granulate and Powder

Solutions from any industry that bring innovative ways of treating, reusing or refurbishing rubber granulate and powder.

There is a whole world of innovative applications in the area, such as:

  • Concrete
  • Construction
  • Insulation
  • Painting
  • Rubber goods
  • Sealers


Solutions that bring innovative applications for textile.

However, our focus is on specific applications for textile fibres such as:

  • 3D printing / spray concrete
  • Self-standing acoustic (insulation and absorption) walls
  • Carpet backing and moulded carpet for all use
  • Blends with other fibres for anti-acoustic / vibration purpose for all use
  • Green roofs / Growing beds


NextLap is proud to be a program focused on circular economy. Being so, by refurbishing tyres, why not give back to the industry?

Looking also for solutions to be adapted and applied to the steel used in the automotive industry.

There must be 1 zillion possible solutions to use these raw materials and we are looking for ready-to-implement solutions and/or innovative ideas that can be developed and be ready-to-market at the end of the NextLap Program.

Whether you have already, or not, a ready to integrate solution on Current Application Improvement or New Applications, we are interested to hear about your on-going work on ELT derived materials, join us.

Let us know what you have been developing.

Program Timeline

Application phase 

21 Sep. – 21 Nov. 2020

Selection Phase

21 Nov. – 4 Dec. 2020

Worldwide applications that will be carefully curated. After the deadline, the projects with the best fit will be selected.

Innovation Day

15 December 2020

Program Partners and Industry Partners will meet the innovators.


3, 4, 5 February 2021

Participant innovators will conduct work meetings to fine tune for pilots, together.


29 April 2021

Showing results and defining next steps. Event open to the ecosystem.



Valorpneu is a non-profit organisation. It manages the collection of used tyres and its final destination, through an articulated system of processes and responsibilities aimed at the correct routing of tyres at the end of life as well as eliminating landfill and promoting collection, separation and recovery. Also, Valorpneu promotes research & development which contributes to achieving its objectives and awareness & communication in order to encourage the best practices and the best acceptance towards the renewed materials.
This system is financed by charging a fee when selling a tyre introduced in the national market.


Aiming for sustainability and a greener planet is key to Genan. At the end of the 1970s, the automotive industry was booming, leading to a major waste problem with end-life-tyres (ELTs). As tyres only slowly degrade in landfills, the idea of establishing a plant for the recycling of ELTs was born. In 1990, the first Genan recycling plant for end-of-life tyres became a reality in Viborg, Denmark. Today, the various needs of Genan’s customers fuel a continuous development of innovative ways of utilizing ELTs recycled raw materials in new applications.


Beta-i is a collaborative innovation consultancy with global reach. A team of experts in managing corporate open innovation, pilot-oriented projects with highly-curated startups, and designing products and services alongside in-company teams. Also, Beta-i uses its acceleration expertise and network to help ecosystems grow, connecting a huge network of entrepreneurs, mentors, experts, investors, and knowledge institutions to solve things that matter.


We have brought pilot partners into the program, to help you go through with your project. All of them are capable to reuse at least one of the tyre components: you should be able to find a match between your idea and one of the partners.

Here are some of the entities you can develop your idea with:


OPWAY focuses on the construction sector and is looking for surprising innovations for them to use on their construction sites. The OPWAY group is actually pretty transversal as they act from engineering to construction, pre-manufacture and recycling.

This is their website:


Pragosa’s focus is also in the construction sector, so their search for innovation is similar. A multinational corporation with operations on construction, industry and environmental services. Meaning: innovation is transversal and its applications are endless.

All about them right here:


They want to know all about the car of the future and, for them, the sky’s the limit. Mobinov’s idea is to send tyres back to where they came from – the sector from where tyres come from should be the one to reuse them.

Their mission: to foster the growth of the national automotive sector through mobilizing initiatives and projects that enhance international competitiveness, innovation, increased value added, improved national ownership and sustained development of full-vehicle exports, parts and accessories for motor vehicles, through greater cooperation and coordination between companies, associations, public administration bodies and SI & I entities.

You can find them here:


For Decathlon, there is a world of possibilities out there. They want to explore all possibilities to close the life cycle of tyres, as they also produce bicycles. As a major seller of sports products, what can Decathlon have in store that can integrate ELT derived components?

Check their website:


At Extruplás, they produce furniture and outdoor infrastructures, from recycled plastic. How can they introduce ELT components in their products? That’s for you to help them find out.

You can have some inspiration in their website:


All about shoes. An international reference in innovation when it comes to footwear. They want to be surprised: what disruptive solutions are out there? Which of them will make them want to invest in?

Check their shoe possibilities in their website:

IP – Infraestruturas de Portugal

The answer is in the name (Portuguese Infrastructures). They are looking for innovative and financially viable solutions for infrastructure construction. With ELT components always in mind, how will you help them do so?

Check their website:

Houdini Sportswear

Houdini is all about sportswear and sustainability. This means that solutions that bring innovative applications for sportswear will be valued. Houdini is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and gathers scientists, artists, designers, and adventurers, to disrupt outdoor clothing. Their focus: to recycle, rent, repair, and reuse their path to a sustainable outdoor industry.

This is their website:

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