NextLap – 1st. Edition

For the course of 9 months, innovators and several industry partners have collaborated and worked on new solutions, with the guidance and insights of Valorpneu and Genan.



NextLap selected 14 startups to pilot innovative and ready-to-implement solutions focused on the end-of-life tyres and their derived components – rubber, steel, and textile.

Meet the Innovators from the first edition:

Arduro Sustainable Rubber Inc.

Focus: Whole Tyre, Rubber, Textile Fiber, Steel

Manufacturing company that converts waste tires back into their primary components (rubber, carbon black and steel).


Focus: Textile Fiber

Development of nonwoven textile structures with enhanced acoustic and insulation performance, flammability, thermal insulation, vibration and impact absorption.

Critical Polymers

Focus: Whole Tyre, Rubber

Intends to design and implement at industrial scale innovative recycling processes,


Focus: Whole Tyre, Rubber, Textile Fiber, Steel

Railway composed sleeper, that uses 35 tons of ELT and plastic per km.


Focus: Whole Tyre

Pretends to build buckets made from recycled tires to facilitate the transport of wetdsuits.


Focus: Rubber

Pavement device for speed reduction areas that converts vehicles’ kinetic energy into electrical which can be used for road illumination or traffic light signs, supporting road safety and optimizing energy consumption.

Rubber Link

Focus: Whole Tyre, rubber

Produces new pieces using devulcanization process, that can also be used as modifier polymer for asphalt.


Focus: Whole Tyre, Rubber

Sustainable concrete noise barrier, composed of a ELT rubber absorbing layer


Focus: Rubber

Rubber pavement that reduces vulnerable road users’ injuries through durable, softer, and greener materials to the environment.

Space Blue Limited

Focus: Rubber

Graphene enhanced recycled rubber floor mat for different purposes (e.g. anti-fatigue and anti-slip for gyms, homes, playgrounds)


Focus: Textile Fiber

Development of different solutions for Thermal insulation, Greenroofs, ELT Processes

Van Dyck

Focus: Rubber

Sustainable rubber flooring for different purposes (e.g. gyms, playgrounds)

VESO Green Composites

Focus: Rubber, Textile Fiber

Development and manufacture of solutions using bio-based and reused materials.